Christmas Cheer!

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I have heard the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.  Or maybe it is hanging 1000’s of lights outside your home, that maybe still up next summer.  Or maybe it is the extra family time with the in-laws or Aunt Ashley who still squeezes your cheeks like you are 8 years old.  Or maybe it is the moment you give your child an official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Rifle and hope they don’t shoot their eye out.   Or maybe it is as simple as the traditions you have made that bring you Christmas Cheer.
I am a bit of a tradition junky at Christmas time.  I am sure many of you aren’t surprised.  After all I plan out the plan, before the plan is even a plan.  It all starts with that elf.  That elf that makes a mess. That elf that wakes you in the middle of the night in a panic because he forgot to move.  That elf that tattles and apparently keeps all on the nice list.  Then there is my favorite part…the Christmas movies.  We sprawl out on a blanket and pretend we are on a picnic in front of the tv while drinking countless cups of apple cider and hot chocolate with chocolate covered spoons.  If that wasn’t enough sugar, there are the endless amounts of baked goods.  Which I was lucky enough to pass the tradition on now for my daughter to bake all that cheer!
Then the big day is here!  The cheer is rolling for 48 hours straight.  The day begins with marking a wall in the storage room to see how tall they have grown. Then there is the Blue Elephant game filled with the most ridiculous items …yet we find ourselves competing heavily for a poinsettia covered chair cover.    There is the order we open gifts.  There is the time we go to church.  There is the same dinner we have every year.  There is that basket that is laid out for each child on Christmas Eve with new Christmas pjs, mugs, and hot chocolate.  There is the Caramel Roll French Toast on Christmas morning.  There is the cheers and screams that Santa did come….the naughty list was wrong again!
With every tradition, there is a home.  So this year as I sit by the Christmas tree and think of how blessed I am, I will also be thinking of how lucky I am to have helped 100’s of people find their traditions a home.  The place that is the base of cheer.  The place where at the end of the day you feel so much love.  The very place where the Christmas Traditions are made.
I wish everyone a Christmas filled with love.  Filled with the memories of the past ones, and the hope for the future ones, and most important the joy of today’s.
Much Love and Christmas Cheers!
Kaushy the Elf


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